VinChar Food Service Company is a family owned and operated business located in Bowling Green, Ohio.

May 2010 will mark 25 years that we have serving the Bowling Green community!

We started our business on the north end of town (currently where Sign Me Up is located). At that time we sold flowers in the spring and had a retail market.  We sold produce, cheeses, candies and baked goods. We began the wholesale business when a local restaurateur came in asking about receiving product. 

In 1987, we moved our business to 989 S. Main St. and moved solely into the wholesale business. We worked out of a small warehouse located behind The Little Ole Butcher Shop, working mainly in the Produce Wholesaling business.

In 2001 we made a move and added a full line of dairy to our inventory.  We started marketing Smith Dairy, which included milk, sour cream, cottage cheese and butter.  In the summer months (for 11 years) we would also run an Open Air Market.  We enjoyed many customers over the years. 

In September 2004, we moved into our new warehouse.  A new warehouse also brings on new changes.  In 2005 we made another addition to our product line when we added a full line of paper products.  In 2009, we have added to the product line again with a full line of grocery products.  To accommodate the change in our business, we have changed our name from VinChar Produce Company, Inc. to VinChar Food Service Company. 

Thanks to all our customers who have supported our business through the last quarter of a century! We look forward to the future and our continued service to you. 


Vince and Charlotte Zelenak - Owners



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